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"The Story Begins In A Land Far, Far, Away. So Pay Close Attention, This Story Is Free For Your Eyes Only."

It Was A Cold Winters Night In Chicago In 2006

I was chilled to the bone.

Burrrr Burrrr I trembled.

On second thought, no I wasn't I think my thermostat was set at 70 degrees fahrenheit.

So, I was nice and toasty warm:)

But it sounded good, just pay attention to the story kimosabe.

I was online, and I happened to come across various money making opportunities that promised that you could make money from home on your computer.

This intrigued me big time!

I knew that sitting home with a 40 ouncer of cold beer, and my favorite movie on in the background would be my dream job.

And I could do it from home.


This is a no-brainer.

Party time.

Ok the cold 40 ouncer beer thing I just made up.

But, if that is your thing who am I to judge.

Drink on player, drink on:)

Keep reading below this story is better than the movie Avatar.

No it isn't but its still good don't judge homey..


"I Can Make Money Sitting On My Computer I Thought."

"Awesome, Deal Me In."

So the learning commenced.

I quickly became addicted.

I had to figure out this how to make money online thing once and for all.

It was a tough nut to crack let me tell you.

I was ignorant and did not get a mentor which could have sped up my learning curve drastically.

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb.

Did I say dumb?

Maybe A Picture Would Explain It Better.

( See The Picture Above For You Visual Learners Out There. )


This Is What I Felt Like With Everything I Had To Learn To Be A Profitable Affiliate Marketer.

( Again See Pic Above For You Visual Learners Out There. )


How to create an affiliate link properly.

How to create a website or blog.

Which affiliate products should I promote.

How do I drive traffic to my affiliate offers.

How to start an email list.

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

The list goes on and on.

And if you do not have a mentor it just makes everything that much tougher.

Countless late nights on my computer learning everything I could about affiliate marketing and making money online.

It started off at a snails pace but I was learning and getting better at this affiliate stuff.

I finally made my first sale online it was a Clickbank product on how to get rid of man boobs.

Lol hey again don't judge.

Man boobs are awesome.

Not really!

See the market potential here?

But I earned like $30 bucks from that bad boy and more sales starting coming in.

Over a year later I was at least seeing some positive results.

This affiliate marketing stuff really works.

It is true what they say you really can make money online as an affiliate marketer.

You just need to know how to do it properly.

Fast Forward To Present Day.


"Man Boobs In Da House."


See Pic Above Man Boobs Are Not Sexy. Yucky Right? So Do You See How That Solves A Problem In The Marketplace?

Present Time In A Land Far, Far, Away.

With thousands of sales under my belt on JVZoo alone I am a premium affiliate.

That means I get approved instant commissions on pretty much any product that I want to promote.

I have 5 blogs and own about 40 domain names for future investment reasons.

Anyhow I have thousands of sales under my belt as an affiliate marketer.

I have ten years experience as an affiliate marketer and continue to learn daily.

Internet marketing changes but the basics remain the same home slice.

Do I sound like someone you would like to learn from?

So can I help you?

You bet your sweet ass I can.

What I did wrong?

I did not get a mentor.

But you do not have to waste a bunch of unnecessary time through trial @ error like I did.

End of story.

This is where my affiliate marketing video training comes into play.

Enter My Video Training Bootcamp Course to help you out my good friend.

Jays Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp Training Course Is in The House

Why Buy This Training Course?

For One You Are Smarter Than The Average Bear.

"Hey Booboo."

But Here Are Some Other Reasons:)


  • Benefit one - Learn the basics of affiliate marketing and where to find lucrative affiliate programs to promote in my course which consists of 12 step by step easy to understand tutorial videos. "My special training video is worth it's weight in gold you will learn exactly what you should be concentrating on to make money now and well into the future as an affiliate marketer".


  • Benefit two - Save yourself a ton of time and slash your learning curve to pieces.


  • Benefit three - Learn from someone who has ten years experience in the affiliate marketing game and thousands of sales under his belt.


  • Benefit four - I have 13,000 Youtube subscribers for a reason people love my easy to understand Youtube videos. You will be getting various unlisted videos in this course for paying customers only.

      "For less than the cost of a starbucks coffee you would be a fool not to learn from me."

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